Google helps determine the best time to travel for Thanksgiving

Byline: Alyse Barker

By: Alyse Barker

Turkey Day is almost here, and if there's anything more crowded than our stomachs on Thanksgiving, it's the roads.

Travel plans are being carved out. Thanksgiving is the time when everyone decides to hit the road, and driving is said to be the most-used form of transportation for the holiday.

Google put together a list of the best and worst times to travel for Turkey Day. Their findings show the best time to leave for your Thursday feast is Sunday before 6am.

When your bellies are full, the best time to head home is 6am on Black Friday.

However, the worst time to head out is Wednesday — the day before Thanksgiving — at 3pm. For the return home, Saturday after 4pm is the worst.

Trends are also showing that people are traveling to spend more time with family instead of heading out to shop.

According to Google's travel expert, LaToya Drake, it's less about Black Friday shopping and more about seeing loved ones.

Another popular trend is searching for movie kiosk rentals and Christmas tree farms for Black Friday.

It seems like traditions are being made nationwide. For your Thanksgiving travels, if you have to head out during these busy periods, plan ahead and bring some snacks, or the family's going to be extra hungry come Thursday.

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