6 beauty hacks for the days you oversleep

We've all been there – those days where you factor in just the right amount of time to shower, primp, and leave the house in the morning... but yet you've slammed the snooze button on your iPhone and have 15 minutes to pull yourself together and run out the door. It's definitely not ideal, but sometimes it happens.

Instead of panicking and trying to squeeze your regular shower/makeup routine into an absurdly short amount of time, simplifying your beauty routine with a few easy hacks can have you out the door and put-together in no time! Check out our tips below:


1) Style your hair the night before and use dry shampoo to refresh
Washing your hair before bed will always save time in the morning, but falling asleep with wet hair will slow you down the next day if it's still damp or dries with weird creases from tossing and turning. Styling your hair before bed will allow you to wake up with just a little maintenance and a spritz of dry shampoo. If your hair is beyond the point of dry shampoo, toss your hair in a messy bun for a chic, pulled-together look. ​​​​​​

2) Apply a deep moisturizing cream before bed to wake up with dewy skin
Skip the dullness of dry skin by applying a deep moisturizing cream before bed. It will give your skin a dewy glow the next day to appear more awake and alive. Plus, moisturizing before bed is essential for anti-aging!

3) Organize your makeup storage
Is it just me, or does eyeliner seem to disappear in every makeup bag? Digging through products can waste time when you're in a hurry, so keeping your makeup organized with these or investing in one of these will save time.

4) Use a CC cream to cut out steps in your makeup routine
CC cream conceals, moisturizes, and protects, so you can skip the moisturizer, SPF, foundation, and concealer to save time. My favorite is the IT Cosmetics CC cream if you're looking for a good one!

5) Go straight for the mascara – or try lash extensions
As much as I love my eyeshadow and eyeliner, if I'm in a hurry I simply apply a quick coat of mascara to bring my eyes back to life. Though it's not an intricate smoky eye, mascara will give your eyes enough of a pop to wake you up! (Hint: a set of lash extensions can cut out the need for mascara all together! Read all about lash extensions here)

6) Pack lipstick in your handbag
Lipstick makes every look complete, so if you're running short on time, simply apply a quick layer of lipstick on the way to work. It will pull your look together in a matter of seconds. Also, rub a little lipstick on your fingertips and dab a bit on your cheeks (be sure to blend!) to replace your blush!

So whether you've overslept, or you just want to simplify your morning routine, these six steps will make your morning a breeze!

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