#ReasonsToSkipThanksgiving is taking over Twitter


Byline: Angeli Kakade

With Thanksgiving less than one week away, some people are less than excited about the upcoming holiday and are taking to Twitter to make it known.

The angry tweeters have begun to hashtag #ReasonsToSkipThanksgiving, are are coming up with some pretty hilarious reasons.

One user tweeted, "A favor to your cardiologist."

Another posted, "The bar down the street is open."

One person thinks being in jail is a good reason, tweeting, "Nobody paid your bail money." Meanwhile, some would just rather be shopping with a person tweeting, "Walmart opens at 9".

Many used last week's election results as a reason to skip Thanksgiving, like, "Your relatives live in a red state," and, "your in-laws still have a Trump sign in their front yard."

The political students continued with tweets like, "Your parents think Drone strikes are OK as long as Obama orders them," and, "you were a Bernie supporter, so your parents have decided to keep you at the kid's table"

Not sure why that last one is really a reason to skip Thanksgiving. After all, kids have all the fun.

Scroll through for some more Thanksgiving inspiration:

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