This messy braid wrap ponytail is absolutely gorgeous

This messy braid wrapped ponytail is such a gorgeous alternative to a simple braid or pony. It's actually easier than you might think. Here is a step by step tutorial with Jennie Kay Beauty. If you have super straight and fine hair like me it's better to do this on dirty hair. If your hair is clean, give it some texture by adding waves (beach waves tutorial here) and spray in texturizing spray so the hair is easier to work with. See the full outfit post with this hairstyle here.

Photography by Craig Mackay

1. Start by creating a ponytail slightly to one side. Leave out 2 inch sections of hair in the front on both sides.

2.Leaving a few small pieces out in the front, start grabbing sections of the hair from the front and pulling them back to the ponytail.

3. Loop the sections of hair around one another (criss-cross the sections) on top of the ponytail and then pull them underneath the ponytail and secure with a clear elastic.

4. Continue this process with multiple sections of hair. You can also grab sections of hair from the pony and repeat the steps above to create more loops.

5. Secure the final loop with a clear elastic. Curl the remaining front pieces with a 1-2″ barrel curling iron or wand.

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