Stay warm -- and stylish -- as the temperatures drop

It might still be in the 50s outside in New York City, but we know very well that the temperatures are going to drop, and soon. After a positively gorgeous fall (we're spoiled!) the holidays are just around the corner -- and that means snowy days, ski trips, hot chocolate and a cozy fireplace. It also means sub-zero temperatures, and the need for warm clothing that is ideally still really cute.

That's where Columbia comes in. We've already raved about this coat, but we need to discuss the rest of their offerings, as well. You might immediately think They're a sportswear brand, I only need them when I'm going skiing or hiking. But while you're right, they *are* a sportswear brand -- with a killer selection of ski coats -- they've also spent a lot of time thinking about their customer's lifestyle needs.

And that means a vast array of adorable, functional, and all-around great options for your closet.

Below, our favorite pieces they have right now -- from comfy patterned leggings to lounge around in, to the cardigan we guarantee you're going to live in.