This Instagram account will give you total travel envy

If you love travel photos -- look no further than Misshattan's Instagram account, a unique look at some of the world's most famous cities.

The general theme of Natalie's account is in her Instagram handle. It's clear just by taking a glimpse of her first few images that she has a deep-seeded love for New York City. Born and raised in New York, Natalie always knew she wanted to end up in the big apple. After taking a job working in finance, she soon realized that her future was in photography.

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Now, with over 400K Instagram followers and partnerships with brands like Jaguar, Beats, and more -- Misshattan is a photography force to be reckoned with. We had the chance to chat with her and learn about her beginnings, inspiration and more. Check out the interview below!

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Where did you love of photography originate?

Growing up I loved taking photos of objects and landscapes or even my friends. I just never thought that I would move forward with it for a career, but I always had fun with it. Probably when I was 11 it started. And it just really stuck by me for my whole life.

When you decide to pursue photography full time?

I always thought of it, but never thought I had the guts to do it. I was three years in ot a finance career after college and back then I used to work with Jaguar heavily, so they gave me a car that weekend to take photos around the streets in NYC. So I wanted to take these crazy, obnoxious photos of the car parked in the middle of the street in like Times Square. But do do that, you'd have to wait really late or early in the morning on a Sunday in order to do it. So that's what I did. I stayed up all day on a SUnday taking photos of the car and 6 o'clock comes so I went to the office and all I could thin kabout were my photos. I just decided that I couldn't do it anymore. I told my co-worker and was like, "Christina, I think I'm going to quit!" And she was just like, "No, you haven't slept all night. Take a day to sleep it off and see how you feel." I sat down and realized I just couldn't anymore so I left.

When did you decide to post your photos on Instagram?

I was at a barbecue and grew up loving photos, and a friend of mine said that I would love this new app. So I downloaded it and played with the filters and it was nothing crazy. Back then, it was my food and landscapes and really post food a lot since that was my second passion.

How did you begin taking aerial shots of New York City?

Probably around three years ago. It's been a while and the first time I flew in a helicopter and saw the Empire State building popping out at me, I was instantly drawn to this art. I love seeing new York from that perspective. Once I did that, anywhere that I go now I want to see it in the air. It's a completely different vibe and feeling when you see a city from that view.

Where is your favorite place to shoot?

I don't have one! I love the classic Dumbo -- even though it's not Manhattan. It really depends on the weather, the mood, or the light. Midtown when it's foggy is super cool because the buildings are so tall. I can't pick favorites though, it's too hard.

What's the process like shooting in a helicopter?

When it comes to flying, I like to switch it up between sunrise shots, day shots, or night ones. I like to have all aspects of the day. I think that everyday is beautiful and you just have to find the light in it.

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