You'll need this before the next natural disaster hits

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We never know when the next natural disaster will hit. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms and epic snow storms are a reality no matter where you reside. The best thing you can do is be prepared.

The Enhance Emergency Weather Radio with Flashlight, Hand Crank, Loud Siren & Charger makes it especially easy to be ready for anything. As you can see from the name, it delivers tons of functionality in one simple gadget. For just $24.99 (retail price $34.99), you can safeguard yourself and your family in times of emergency.

Not only does this gadget deliver radio signals when the electricity is gone and not coming back anytime soon, but it has a built in LED light, too. It packs USB chargers for your phone that can be operated by battery or hand crank - and a loud siren to call for help.

Don't wait for disaster to hit. Spend less than $25 to prepare for the worst. It may be the best purchase you ever make.

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