Foods you can eat after their 'sell by' dates revealed

By Maria Mercedes Galuppo, Veuer

When it comes to dates on packages recommending "sell by" or "best before" times, you can be a little more flexible. That's right, step away from the garbage can -- some of these foods can still be eaten!

Kirsty Warren of "Love Food Hate Waste" says these dates are only there "to ensure that it's eaten when it's at its tastiest."

So, that means not all foods need to be thrown away after their expiration date. Click through to see which ones!

The Foods You Can Eat After Their 'Sell By'
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The Foods You Can Eat After Their 'Sell By'


Chocolate, for instance, is always good, even after it’s covered by that sort of white look. The white shading is called “blooming,” which is when the fat rises to the surface of the chocolate. It will affect the flavor, but it’s still totally safe to eat.

Photo: Aimee Herring


Chips are so high in salt that it helps them preserve well.

Photo: Chris Clor via Getty Images


When it comes to eggs, the best way to know if they are fresh is by putting them in a container with cold water. If they sink, they are good to eat. If they float to the surface, they're no longer fresh.

Photo: Oliver Strewe via Getty Images

Canned Foods

Canned foods last much longer than their expiration date, just make sure keep them in cool and dark areas. 

Photo: Carolyn Hebbard via Getty Images

Dry Pasta

Dry pasta will also be fine if you’re storing it airtight.

Photo: Glow Cuisine via Getty Images

Fruits and Veggies

When it comes to fruit and veggies, trust your instincts. If it looks and smell good, you should be fine to consume it.

Photo: Dynamic Graphics Group via Getty Images


While you should certainly get rid of cheese when it's moldy, hard cheeses, like cheddar and parmesan, tend to last longer.

Photo: Junior Gonzalez via Getty Images


It takes years for alcohol to go bad, but we are sure you already think twice before throwing that away.

Photo: yangwenshuang via Getty Images


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