The fragrance line you'll be obsessed with this fall

We are guilty of getting frustrated with fragrances. Between all the headaches and overwhelming scents, it can be hard to actually pick something that we truly like.

But what if we told you there's a way to pick the perfect scent without smelling it first.

Crazy, right? Let us explain.

PHLUR is a revolutionary new fragrance line that promises to deliver an experience by storytelling. The process is explored through visual narratives and musical playlists that represent each of the six unisex fragrances.

Once you pick two scents that most represent your aesthetic, PHLUR will send you two samples (for only $10) that will last you about a week, with cards that will help optimize and evolve your experience with them. After you pick the best scent out of the two, when you buy a full-size bottle, PHLUR will credit your $10 from the sample kit toward your purchase. Sounds like a breeze, right?

Not only are we impressed with PHLUR's ability to predict our perfect scent without smelling the fragrance first but we are incredibly impressed with their commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment. PHLUR is free of known skin irritants, parabens, phthalates, unnecessary dyes and animal products. Plus, its chic bottle design is definitely Instagram-worthy and a must-have in your bedroom or bathroom counter.

Take a peek at the six scents below!

PHLUR scents
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PHLUR scents

Hanami is 'bold without being loud' with warm scents that include a lab-created sandalwood, so it doesn't decimate the sandalwood forests around the world

$85.00 available on PHLUR

Enchanting, powerful and sexy. This scent is the perfect fragrance to spritz on before a night out on the town or right before date night. Bold and confidant, the wearer of this scent is undeniably enticing. 

$85.00 available on PHLUR

If you're a big fan of whiskey and cozy sweaters, this scent is perfect for you. Effortless and cool, this fragrance delivers a robust and fearless scent that will make you the hippest (but realest) person in town. 

$85.00 available on PHLUR

If you're all about tradition, then this scent is for you. Framed by New England, Greylocke notes the characters of 'nature and refinement' into a calming fragrance. 

$85.00 available on PHLUR

This bright, crisp scent is strong enough to impress, but not overpower. Perfect for the confidant gal or guy.

$85.00 available on PHLUR

Take an invigorating adventure through the desert without leaving your house! Dry notes bring the heat but keep your body nice and cool for the ultimate balance.

$85.00 available on PHLUR


By: Magdalena Guillen

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