College student's kind request to neighbor leads to hilarious response

If you've ever lived in a college dorm, you know there's a lot of compromise. You often have to share bathrooms and kitchens, and living quarters are tight. A common gripe dorm dwellers have is how loud their neighbors are. One college student definitely had that complaint -- but her way of handling it was a stroke of genius.

Twitter user Jenna Levine was upset when her neighbors were having sex loud enough for her to hear. She decided to send a note -- a kind, not angry, one. She shared it on Twitter:

She said, "Hello neighbor, please have sex a little more privately please." She explains herself, saying she wants to nap and "not be reminded how alone I am."

Credit: Twitter

Levine added that they did not have to stop, just "make it nasty at a lower volume." Once the note was written, she shoved it under her neighbor's door.

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Things are getting passive aggressive at the water cooler... #passiveaggressivenotes
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My middle school secret admirer was a poet
Found in my hallway. #portlandcares #passiveaggressivenotes
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Post-MOMA PS1 lunch. #ps1 #passiveaggressivenotes #doeswatercount?
#officefridgeproblems #passiveaggressivenotes

To Levine's delight, she received a kind response back. The neighbor apologized profusely -- and reminded Levine that she will not be alone forever. "The right person will come along," they said. Not only that, but they included a chocolate bar for Levine to enjoy.

Credit: Twitter

Levine was not the only one who appreciated the apology: her tweet went viral and was shared hundreds of thousands of times. Levine and her neighbor prove that you might disagree with dorm mates, but you can find common ground; in this case, it was with funny notes and chocolates.

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