What's written on this man's car is sparking controversy

Typically, when warnings are written on cars, they're about new drivers or babies on board. This one, however, is different -- and a bit concerning.

Reddit user ultraHQ shared a photo of a car they spotted in a parking lot:

If you need to put this on the back of your car, you shouldn't be allowed to drive. from pics

The writing reads, "Visually impaired senior driver: Stay back!"

The user noted, "If you need to put this on the back of your car, you shouldn't be allowed to drive." Others seemed to agree, and were equally disturbed. The photo went viral, gaining thousands of comments -- many upset that this driver is allowed on the road.

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Some felt sympathy for the driver, as it's not easy to give up your license. One user said, "It's unfortunate when seniors lose their independence, but public road safety is more important."

Others shared anecdotes about older drivers they knew. "My mother, in her late 60s and early 70s, always bragged that she'd never gotten into an accident," another user commented. "My brother-in-law finally figured out that 'it's because the other drivers see her coming and get the Hell out of the way!'"

Then there are those who believe it's just a joke and not to be taken seriously. Hopefully, they're correct -- and the others' worries are unfounded.

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