Smartphones in bedrooms disrupt sleep -- even if turned off

BY: Patrick Jones, Buzz60

You can ask anyone and most people will say they sleep with their smartphones by their bedside.

And You may have also heard how electronics like smartphones can disrupt sleep patterns.

OK, so you'll just turn it off and rest like a baby then, problem solved?

No apparently if it's in the room whether it's on or off your phone will mess will your ability to count sheep.

Researchers from London at King's College London and Cardiff University reviewed several studies and found that using smartphones or tablets before bed doubled the risk of disrupted sleep.

They continued to say that the data of the 11 different studies compiled showed people reported nights of bad sleep and feeling groggy the next day if a device was even in the room.

So turn off your device, get it out of the room and especially out of your child's room.

Hide it somewhere and try to completely forget about it before your lack of sleep piles up and you go a place where not even coffee can help you!

Here are some more tips to getting the best night's sleep:

5 tips for getting the perfect night’s sleep
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5 tips for getting the perfect night’s sleep
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While it may be tempting to drift off to your favorite show, watching a screen before bed can be detrimental to your sleep cycle. Try dosing off to a book or mediation series by subscribing to Audible! Better yet, try 60 days free with this exclusive offer.
We all know that exterior noises can be disruptive while trying to sleep. But sometimes bulky earphones can be just as bad. That's why we love Bedphones! They fit flat on your ears so you can rest peacefully, while still listening to your favorite playlist or audiobook. 
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If you have difficulty falling asleep, you may try setting up a relaxing environment. This stress-reducing visual projector and sound machine may just save your night's sleep! It emits a soft glow of soothing visuals plus the music or sound of your choice! Set the scene for the perfect night's sleep.

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