5 ways to become a morning person

On the weekends, getting a handful of things accomplished before noon always makes me feel like a badass and on the weekdays, having things prepped enough that I'm not running out the door (late) looking halfway decent always sets the tone for a better day. For me, there's nothing worse than snoozing, skipping coffee, throwing some haphazard outfit together, and racing out the door. It throws off my entire day.

  1. Stick to a routine. This is especially important during the week. Wake up, shower, coffee, makeup, walk the dog, head to work. Before 8am (and two cups of coffee) I can barely compute anything else. And there's really no need to if you have a morning routine.
  2. Pick out your outfit the night before. This is so 'high school' but honestly, it helps. I can't tell you how much time I've wasted in the mornings just staring at the clothes in my closet. It's frustrating and starts my morning off on a negative note. Of course, lots of things can change overnight: weather, the formality of that briefing you're scheduled to give, after work plans, but 9 times out of 10 outfit planning will work in your favor.
  3. Have your breakfast ready. Just like your OOTD, having breakfast ready will save loads of time (and money). This was a hard habit for me to keep since I rarely eat breakfast. But, of course, that threw off the rest of my day. While you're making coffee, scarf down a hard boiled egg or whip up a smoothie. I prep kale and berries in Ziploc bags for every day of the week – add milk and toss everything into a Vitamix. I put a lid on the attachment and throw it in my bag so I can drink it at work.
  4. Set your alarm for the same time every morning. This helps that routine we talked about earlier. Nothing throws me off more than snoozing or waking up a little later on a Friday because I stayed up to watch all those TGIT shows in real time. Set your alarm for the same time every morning so you know what's coming. And maybe have an extra cup of coffee on Friday mornings!
  5. Organize your news. I check into my news outlets while I'm making coffee or on my walk to work. I have apps for the mainstream stuff (like CNN) and I follow my favorite blogs with Bloglovin' so they're all in one place.

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