The worst Thanksgiving dinner mistake and how to avoid it

By Michelle Rosique, Pennygem

Nothing says fail quite like a dry turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Try the following to avoid the all too common dreaded dry turkey.

Turkey brine can be your best friend. First bring seasoning and water to boil and stir until dissolved. Then let cool and pour into a plastic bag with the uncooked, but thawed turkey. Seal the bag and refrigerate the turkey with the brine for two days or at least overnight.

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Afterwards, wash the outside of the turkey to rinse off the brine. Then place it on a baking rack and pat dry.

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Now you'll want to add a generous coating of olive oil, salt and pepper and herbes de provence to the outside of your turkey.

Lastly, bake the turkey in oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes per pound.

This routine is super achievable on the first try and will guarantee you a tender, juicy turkey every time!

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20 most popular U.S. destinations for Thanksgiving and Christmas
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20 most popular U.S. destinations for Thanksgiving and Christmas

20. Atlanta, Georgia

(Getty Images/Flickr RF)

19. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

(fallbrook via Getty Images)

18. Detroit, Michigan

(Getty Images)

17. New York City (LaGuardia Airport)

(Manhattan skyline at sunset, New York City)

16. Tampa, Florida

(Richard Cummins via Getty Images)

15. Dallas, Texas

(Dan Huntley Photography via Getty Images)

14. Minneapolis, Minnesota

(John Elk via Getty Images)

13. Los Angeles, California

(Cameran Ashraf via Getty Images)

12. Boston, Massachusetts

(Jean-Pierre Lescourret via Getty Images)

11. Charlotte, North Carolina

(Jumper via Getty Images)

10. Denver, Colorado

(Danita Delimont via Getty Images)

9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(Tony Shi Photography via Getty Images)

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

(Ron_Lane via Getty Images)

7. San Francisco, California

(Fuse via Getty Images)

6. Seattle, Washington

(Philip Kramer via Getty Images)

5. Phoenix, Arizona 

(Dreamframer via Getty Images)

4. Chicago, Illinois

(marchello74 via Getty Images)

3. New York City (JFK Airport)

(Patrizio Martorana via Getty Images)

2. Newark, New Jersey

(Walter Bibikow via Getty Images)

1. Orlando, Florida

(Arrangements-Photography via Getty Images)


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