21 confessions from haunted house workers

Ever wondered what it's like to be on the other side of a haunted house, controlling the terrifying scares that leave you with nightmares?

People who work at haunted houses took to Whisper to share what it's really like.

1. They do love to laugh at you:

I work at a haunted house and yes we laugh at your reactions on the hundreds of hidden security cameras.
2. It's weird to drive home:
I work at a haunted house and I'm always too lazy to wipe off my makeup before I go home. Driving home dressed as whatever character, is very odd.
3. It can make you feel like someone else:
I work at a haunted house, and I feel like I'm a different person when I'm with my haunt family. I can actually be myself.
4. It hurts:
I work at a haunted house. Some nights it doesn't seem worth it to stand for six hours in the cold and rain just to be called a "bitch." and "annoying."
5. It makes you face your fears:
I work at a haunted house as a clown and im secretly terrified of clowns
6. Sometimes they like to see you spooked:
I work at a haunted house and I can't help but say I love to make people cry and pee their pants! lol
7. It's a real thrill:
I work at a haunted house every Halloween. I wish I could scare people all year long.
8. It's not easy:
Working at a haunted house is not easy, but it's hella fun
9. They don't always love the customers:
When someone says, "the customers at my job are nightmares."... Bitch please. Get back at me after you dealt with dumb ass customers at a popular haunted house attraction.
10. It's dangerous:
This guy tried to assault me when I was working at a haunted house
11. For real:
I work at a haunted house and have to chase people with a chainsaw while dressed as a doll, one time i scared someone so badly they grabbed my arm and bit me. I ended up getting stitches.
12. It's satisfying:
Work at a haunted house. It's like primal scream therapy you get paid for.
13. You might get mocked:
I work at a haunted house, and yes, we do laugh and mock your reactions once you leave our rooms
14. Sometimes you're really scared:
I work at a haunted house. I spend my weekends acting crazy and yelling at people, but when it comes to actually visiting a haunt I'm scared. lol
15. It's revenge:
The reason I work at the haunted house is because I like to scare people. I hate the world. Can't kill them. So this is my small piece of Revenge.
16. Some of them are scared themselves:
I work at a haunted house, but I've never been through it. I'm too scared. 😆
17. It can leave you actually hurt:
That moment when you work at a haunted house and you scared people so much that you have bruises everywhere and people think you're in an abusive relationship....
18. People are hit or miss:
I work at a haunted house every Halloween season and drunk people are either fun or a fucking annoyance there is no in between. lol
19. The houses are really scary:
I work as a scare actor at a Haunted house and believe me. I'm more scared of the house than the guests are
20. Clowns are the scariest:
All these clowns running around do not bother me. I work in a haunted house as a clown lmao.
21. Remember to respect the employees:
Haunted house actor here! As a courtesy, please show some respect to us when you are walking through cuz most of us are volunteers and are giving up sleep for you to have fun. Thanks!
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