11 travel must-haves to always pack in your carry-on

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When packing for a trip, we often forget the simplest things we need to make the flight as comfortable as possible. Whether you are traveling for a weekend or for a month, there are some items you might not realize are crucial. Your cary-on is the only piece of luggage guaranteed to make it with you, so it is important to include any extra essentials. From comfort to entertainment, we've rounded up the travel necessities you'll never want to forget.

Comfort is key, but it is not always promised when flying (especially if you end up with a middle seat amongst strangers). This highly-rated neck pillow will have you fast asleep in no time. 
If you are someone who is always cold, it can get annoying when the person next to you turns on their AC. This poncho style blanket makes for easy packing. It goes over your shoulders to prevent from slipping. 
From music to TV to movies and books, this all-in-one tablet will be your savior when it comes to a long flight. For under $50 it is no question that the Fire Tablet is a steal. 
It is hard to find headphones that are comfortable in your ears for long periods of time. You won't have to worry about earbuds constantly falling out while trying to enjoy your music.
We've all been there when we have made it to our destination on time while our luggage has not. It is important to prepare for the worst-case scenario and have clean underwear in our carry-ons, in case our suitcase is a few days behind. 
Going through security calls for socks! These travel compression socks are best for long days of traveling as they eliminate swelling of the feet. 
Having a comfortable and light-weight hoodie is a must-have. It will not take up tons of room in your cary-on and you will be happy you brought it just incase the weather is not what you expected when reaching your destination. 
Few things are more stressful than landing at your destination with a dead phone and running around the airport in search of an outlet. Comfortably enjoy your music without worrying about draining your battery. 
This updated pill box features an alarm to remind you to take your medicine. It is super suitable for daily use or travel.
Travel in style with this minimalistic passport case fashioned in grainy leather. 
Traveling can be extraordinarily germy and it is always best to be prepared. These travel size Purells will be easy to access as they can clip onto your carry-on. 

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