How to use up your leftover Halloween candy

Perhaps you bought tons of candy for all of those trick-or-treaters that will definitely hike up the five flights of stairs to your apartment door (five bags seems reasonable, right?). Perhaps you're always amazed to find that almost all of the candy is still there come November 1st, even when you and a friend ate 2 bags on your own.

So, what can one do with bags and bags of leftover candy? Eating it plain is obviously a great option, but things can start to get boring when you're on your 100th Kit Kat. Before you start pawning your candy off on hungry coworkers, consider giving it a new life instead.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use up leftover candy:

Stir them into your ice cream: Grab a pint of vanilla -- or chocolate, or caramel, or whatever flavor you like -- and let it soften for 20 to 30 minutes, until it's soft enough to stir. Chop up your candy, then fold it in; store it in a tupperware or a loaf pan. (If you're feeling lazy, you can always just sprinkle your candy on top of your ice cream, too. Call it a sundae.)

Or blend them with your ice cream instead: Blizzard, concrete, Friend-Z -- no matter what you call it, ice cream swirled with chunks of candy is awesome. To make one at home, just put your candy bars and some softened ice cream in a blender and pulse until the candy is incorporated. If you want a thinner milkshake, add some milk in there, too.

Add them to your trail mix: Because the best trail mix has chocolate in it. Or peanut M&M's. Or both.

Bake them into cookies: Next time you're making chocolate chip cookies, reach for your leftover chocolate candies instead of the chips. Your cookies will be way more exciting. (Things like Heath Bars, chopped Snickers, and crushed peanut butter cups also work well here.)

Put them in your lunch box: Remember when you were younger, and the weeks after Halloween were the best because you got to eat a few candies every day at lunch? Channel your inner child and throw a few little treats into your lunch box for lunch dessert.

Fold it into your granola: Bake your favorite granola recipe, then stir in Hershey's kisses, chopped peanut butter cups (or mini ones), or any other melty chocolate candy while it's still warm. It will melt and then firm up once your granola cools. Voilá! Now you get to eat candy for breakfast and call it cereal.

Freeze them for later: Candy can freeze surprisingly well, so you can save some of your Halloween spoils so they don't, well, spoil. And if you've never tried a frozen Twix, Snickers, or peanut butter cup, you're in for an amazing treat.

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Best alcohol and Halloween candy pairings
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Best alcohol and Halloween candy pairings

Captain Morgan and Twix

Pairing a dark rum with a Twix bar is like pairing peanut butter and jelly – they go perfectly together. The darkness of the rum will be nicely balanced by the lightness of the cookie and chocolate, and the caramel will just pull it all together.

Tequila and Warheads

Since cutting limes can be a pain, I suggest you use a Warhead instead after your shot to really cut the taste. Not only will you skip to pre-party prep, but you'll also get to see your friends experience the sourness of a Warhead. 

Stawberry Lemonade Svedka and Gummy Bears

Soaking gummy bears in vodka is a great way to drink your alcohol and eat it too, but using gummy bears as a chaser also has the same effect. Plus, the sweetness of the gummy bears will be a refreshing chaser after the harsh and cheap vodka that you just swallowed.

Natty Light and Candy Corn

For all you lovers of tradition out there, I suggest pairing a traditional college beer, like Natty Light, with a traditionalHalloween candy, like candy corn. It's like drinking beer and eating popcorn, only Halloween themed.  

Lime Burnett's and Skittles

I know what you're thinking, "oh God Burnett's!", but trust me. After any shot of this cheap vodka, any flavor of Skittles will be just sweet enough to take away from the harshness of the lime flavor.

Red Wine and Hershey's Dark Chocolate

What's better than a glass of smooth red wine paired with a rich piece of dark chocolate? I'll tell you: a red solo cup of Franzia Cabernet paired with a mini Hershey's dark chocolate bar.

Jack Daniel's and Reese's

I am a firm believer that peanut butter makes everything better, even whiskey. So for all you whiskey drinkers and non-drinkers out there, pair it with a Reese's and you won't be sorry. 

Straw-Ber-Rita and M&M's

I love chocolate-covered strawberries, but those tend to be a lot of work and a lot of mess for a pregame. But pair a Straw-Ber-Rita and a pack of M&M's together and it's almost the same thing.

Malibu and Almond Joy

Go ahead and make yourself a Malibu mixie, and while you're sipping, take a bite of an Almond Joy. You'll feel like you're on the beach in the Bahamas, not in a cramped dorm room pregaming.

André and Starburst

If you want to be really classy at your pregame, serving fruit and champagne is the way to go. If you want to be classy on a budget then serving André and Starburst is the way to go.

#SpoonTip: Drinking Andre and eating orange Starburst is basically like having a mimosa – you're welcome. 


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