Family gives dying dog the best last day ever

After a wonderful life, a 13-year-old beagle named Daisy was put down Tuesday -- but before that, she had the best day ever.

Victor Flores, 22, tweeted screenshots of a text exchange among his family members that documented the sweet dog's last day.

"My mom wanted to make her last day special so we fed her her favorite foods and made sure she was as comfortable as possible," Flores told Mashable.

Her day started with the best meal ever -- bacon.

Though Daisy was rendered immobile because of a ruptured disc, she went on a walk with Flores' mother with the help of a wagon.

After that, Daisy had a dinner fit for a queen.

She got some veggies, too!

Flores told Mashable that Daisy has been a part of their family since she was a puppy.

"We had to put her down because she was too old for surgery and because she was suffering," said Flores.

May Daisy live forever in dog heaven and in our hearts.

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