23 confessions from real-life witches

As we near Halloween, people who are real-life witches have opened up about what it's like on Whisper.

1. Witches don't usually cast spells on people:

I'm a witch. No I don't worship satan. No I don't sacrifice animals. No I won't put a curse on you.
2. Not all of them have cats:

I'm a witch and my fiancé is allergic to cats so we can't have one... I feel like im failing
3. Some witches CAN cast spells:

I'm a witch and I can cast spells. people think I'm full of shit until I prove it. it always makes me happy to see them confused over what just happened to them.
4. There's a real disconnect with some people.

I love it when people say they don't believe in magic, but the moment I say I'm a witch they get all scared that I'm going to put a curse on them.
5. They're not all bad people!

The guy I like won't go on a date with me because I'm a witch. We're not all villains.
6. There are subtle ways witches embrace their craft:

I'm not crazy, I'm a witch. I don't have any spooky powers & I don't ride a broom. I collect crystals, candles & animal bones. I do tarot readings. It's a big part of my life and people call me crazy
7. They don't wait for karma:

I don't wait for karma. I'm a witch I dole out my own brand of justice.
8. Their beliefs are pretty basic:

I'm a witch. I worship the goddess and god and the spirits of the universe. I believe in harming none and that what I do will come back to me three fold. I am not evil. if you have questions, ask!
9. Witches really do have supremes:

I was declared the supreme of a very large coven. I'm afraid I might not be good enough.
10. It's now always easy to explain:

My family and friends think I'm a Christian because its easier telling them that than explaining to them that I'm a witch.
11. It's not always easy to reveal your true identity:

I'm a witch... I'm trying to figure out where I belong, but I can't tell anyone.
12. They aren't dumb!

I'm a practicing Correllian Wiccan. If I mention what I believe to others, I'm always given a pitied look and talked to like I'm five. I'm a witch, not an idiot!
13. It's sometimes easier to say "atheist:"

When people ask what religion I am I just say I'm atheist, honestly I'm a witch and I lie to protect myself the hate that's put on us is ridiculous
14. Stereotypes are troubling:

Ok so I practice witchcraft and honestly the stereotypes bother me. Just because I'm a witch does not mean I worship satan
15. They're born this way:

I'm a witch and people think it's a bad thing. I was born this way and I'm proud of it
16. It's not for evil:

I practice witchcraft. to do good of course! not to be evil. But no one knows and I don't know how to tell people that.
17. Some people do it as a career:

I'm a witch. I grew up pagan and decided to make it a career. I wish people would treat my religion and beliefs with the same respect as Christianity or Buddhism.
18. People see them as freaks sometimes:
I'm so scared of telling people I trust that I'm a witch. I feel like they would think I am a freak...
19. It's very easy to be a witch:
Being a witch means focusing, reading, and working with energy.
20. They are not as sinister as you think:
I'm a witch. I don't eat babies. I don't sacrifice animals. I don't fly. I don't worship satan. I'm not going to hell. Thanks for asking, though.
21. They're not always Harry Potter fans:
When I tell people I'm a witch, they either think I'm crazy or that I'm way too into Harry Potter.
22. It's not a violent thing:
Being a witch, our craft is NOT violent. There have been no wars fought over it nor do we force people to believe as we do. I don't understand why people fear and dislike us.
23. It's not "just a phase:"
Coming out as a witch was hard for me. My parents kept saying it was "just a phase"

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