New cookbook "The Dude Diet" is making healthier options positively mouth-watering

Working in the Lifestyle world, we hear about a lot of product launches. From books to collaborations to new ventures for influencers, we see an exciting cycle of developments all the time. But this one ... this one made us stop and ahem, drool.

This is the kind of cookbook that everyone -- and we do mean everyone -- wants to cook with. While it may be called "The Dude Diet," it's chock-full of mouthwatering recipes that make eating "dirty" a little cleaner (without sacrificing taste).

Case in point -- can we *talk* about these nachos?

The Dude Diet by Serena Wolf

Serena Wolf is a chef and recipe developer who has served as a private chef to players on the New York Giants. Needless to say, she knows how to cook for a man's palate -- but she also cares about their health. All in all, these are indulgent recipes that everyone can enjoy, and you don't have to sacrifice your smart-eating lifestyle.

Need more proof? Take a look at the Cauliflower Mac and Cheese with Chicken Sausage recipe, one of our favorites from the book. In Wolf's own words, "you're going to be all over this cheesy casserole, which gets a nutritious makeover thanks to whole-grain pasta, lean chicken sausage, and the magic of cauliflower puree."

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese with Chicken Sausage

Ummm, YUM. See the full recipe here!

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