Even pumpkin haters can't resist this pumpkin spice pull-apart bread

In a world so inundated with pumpkin spice it's hard to tell the actual products on the market from spoofs (uh, fall-flavored Spam?!), you might think people would have autumnal spice fatigue. Not so—not if this pull-apart bread is in their lives.

It's one of those desserts that looks way more sophisticated—AKA complicated—than it actually is, simply because pull-apart bread isn't something you make everyday. It seems like there's got to be a challenge to getting those flaky layers to peel apart so easily and be so loaded with flavor, but really, it all comes down to two things: Refrigerated biscuit dough and a resealable plastic bag.

Pumpkin Spice Pull-Apart Bread

Hold your eye-rolls for just a second to hear us out. True, those two ingredients are basically the secret to every food video in your Facebook feed ever, but there's good reason for it: It makes the recipe foolproof. Even if your baking track record's as spotty as Cher Horowitz's inClueless, you've got this.

Opt for the full-size biscuits—you know, the refrigerated Pillsbury Grands that proudly proclaim their "flaky layers." Then, you're simply cutting and peeling apart each biscuit, so you've got more layers of pumpkin-spiced biscuit dough to peel back, and shaking it in the resealable bag with plenty of cinnamon-sugar. From there, it's like making a sandwich of Dagwood proportions, slathering it with the spiced pumpkin filling and stacking those biscuits on top of each other before placing them on their side in a loaf pan. It's easier than ordering Postmates.

Pumpkin Spice pull-apart bread

If you're thinking about omitting the cream cheese frosting, don't. Ever. You'll regret it more than that time you told your hairstylist you wanted a pixie like Emma Watson's and wound up with a cut that looked more like Justin Bieber's circa 2009.


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