Woman makes hilarious signs to lure people to her yard sale

Grabbing people's attention is a difficult task, but one woman may have expertly been able to do it.

One man shared signs that his wife made for their yard sale on Reddit:

My wife's yard sale signs for tomorrow. from funny

The post went viral, garnering hundreds of comments. While some commended this woman's creativity, others provided words of advice about the signs.

According to one commenter, what gets people to read signs is contrast, not humor. "Most street corner signs lack contrast and passerby's can't read them," they wrote. "Outline the wording in black to make it easier to read. If you are making more, larger print."

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Another user said what was wrong with the sign wasn't the colors, but the amount of words. "It's clever but as a person who has done over 100 yard sales that's too much writing," they said. "Won't be able to read it from the car and most people look for just a simple arrow."

Regardless, it's clear that these signs had people looking -- which was precisely their purpose.

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