Why this is the only coat you'll need (or want!) this winter


I'll admit it -- I have for several years been very anti-puffy down coats.

Maybe it's because I went to Syracuse University and so have convinced myself *no* New York City winter could possibly be as bad? Or maybe it's because I work in the fashion world and have this insane notion that it's okay to suffer (or in better words: freeze!) for style?

Regardless, I've faced the last several winters circling through my rotation of pea coats and scarves, convinced that I didn't need a bigger coat.

So when I stumbled upon the "Catacomb Crest" parka from Columbia, I was so sure that, while it's a great coat, it wouldn't be for me. Better suited for someone else's style, right? But then I put it on.

My first thought:Damnit, this is cute.

And it's so so comfortable, too. I think it's official -- I've become a puffy coat convert.

It's not a big marshmallow, and it doesn't weigh a million pounds. If you're an athlete or a skier, it's definitely going to keep you warm on the mountain (it has this amazing liner that's called "Omni-Heat™ thermal reflective dots" and it literally sparkles), but it's so cute when you're just out and about, too.

It's honestly the perfect marriage of function and style, and I wish I had it in my corner these last few stubborn, suffer-in-the-cold winters of mine. Try it, I promise you.

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