Awesome dad combines daughter's favorite movies to create epic costume

Meet Stormie from Iowa. Even though she just turned 5, she already has two favorite movies: Star Wars and Frozen. Little Stormie loves Elsa and Rey because of their braveness and strength.

So when her father brought her to the Wizard World Comic Con a few months back, Stormie strutted in wearing the best costume of all time. Combining Rey's robe and Elsa's colors, Stormie stole the show.

[Self] Jedi Elsa Rey.. my daughter, Stormie @Wizard World Comic Con in Des Moines, IA from cosplay

Even her hair is just like Elsa's!

Huffington Post/Steven Lamb

Dad stitched her bag by hand and had some extra help from a Star Wars' costume group. In all, he spent $150 dollars on the costume, but Stormie's love for the costume was priceless.

"With Rey it was more about seeing an empowered female character using the force and kicking bad guys' butts," Dad said.

Stormie plans on wearing the epic costume for Halloween, of course.

If we were Stormie, we wouldn't take it off!

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