This fabric is making a huge comeback for the fall

If you haven't already heard, velvet is making a comeback in major way for fall and winter. Fortunately, it's a far cry from the Christmas dresses I wore in the early 90s (Remember the ones with the collars...whyyyyyy?). I'm still not sure I can stomach an entire crushed velvet ensemble, but accessories are something I can definitely get on board with and I'm happy to use them as a gateway into embracing the trend.

My suggestion? Stick to neutrals and rich fall colors that'll go seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe. Swapping your classic black leather booties for a velvet pair won't be too much of a stretch and something likethis clutch is the perfect accessory to stand out against an LBD. You'll be perfectly on trend and, chances are, you won't look back and hate your decision to jump on the bandwagon. Or want to destroy any photographic evidence like those Christmas pictures your mom probably still has ;)

Are you loving the velvet trend or is it something you'd rather pass up now that you're older and actually have a choice ;)? Let me know!

Top row: Navy booties | Clutch | Black booties
Middle row: Clutch | Pumps | Shoulder bag
Bottom row: Loafers | Shoulder bag | Booties

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