Terrifying urban legends from across the country

It's not that spooky stories and urban legends only exist in October, you're just thinking about them a lot more when Halloween comes around. Below, 3 of the creepiest stories to have come to light in recent years -- from a satanic airport to real-life haunted house.

Slender Man

The story of the Slender Man first gained notoriety in 2009 on an online forum and spread through the internet like wildfire. The Slender Man is an extremely tall, lanky man who wears a black suit, but has no face, and claw-like fingers that stretch in supernatural ways.

He made headlines after two 12-year-old girls in Wisconsin allegedly held down and stabbed a classmate 19 times. The girls reportedly claimed that they wished to commit a murder as a first step to becoming "proxies" for the Slender Man.

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The Denver Airport is a "Satanic Temple"

This airport is supposedly teeming with symbols of the occult, and filled by its designers with phallic symbols to inspire devil worship, while the airport runways are said to resemble a Swastika.

A true story, the giant, red-eyed horse sculpture outside the airport, said to represent the death horse in the Book of Revelation, really did kill the sculptor who created it. He died of blood loss when part of the statue fell on him in his studio.

The Conjuring House

The infamous horror movie 'The Conjuring' is based on a true story of a Rhode Island haunting. The Perron family recounts angry spirits, like one called Bathsheba, Who resented their mother as mistress of the home. The ghosts in their home stunk of rotting flesh and would arrive at 5:15 most mornings to lift beds and scare the family.

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