How to layer your clothes for the chicest fall looks

The colors are changing, pumpkin spiced everything is everywhere and fall fashion is at it's best- the chilly season has officially arrived. Speaking of fall fashion, one of the biggest trends for the colder months has been layering. Layering on your sweaters, cardigans and coats has never been more chic and easy! However, it can be a bit tough to layer the right pieces together to create the perfect fall look.

The Lifestyle Collective bloggers are here to assist and show us the best ways to wear layers this season. Take a look through the slideshow for some inspiration and layer away!

How to layer in the fall
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How to layer in the fall

"I’ve always loved sweaters that did the layering for me, especially in the winter so I can wear a thermal t-shirt under it for extra warmth." - Bonjour Blue

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"Fall is so all about layering and getting creative with the layers. Having a few key basics for me is a must, including this white long sleeve. Next time I wear this look, I would go as far as wearing a long-line wool coat for an additional layer." - Velvet and Vino

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"I’m holding onto my blue and white summer stripes but I tossed on a jean jacket for an extra layer. This outfit would be equally cute with a military jacketor blazer layered on." - Rhyme and Reason

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"As always, layering makes every outfit better so I threw on this little vest to mix this look up a bit, since this striped blouse is one of my favorites that I wear often. " - The Style Editrix

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"I’m so glad I took the chance on this vest, because it’s on constant rotation these days. I love the hood and the pockets, and that it’s the perfect transitional piece for fall. With it, I can totally get away with wearing my thinner tops and blouses for a while longer." - Kelly in the City

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