'Animal whisperer' captures incredible moments in the wild

Both animal selfies and travel photos are the stuff internet dreams are made of, but this guy makes a living out of the two.

New Zealand-based photographer Allan Dixon graduated in computer engineering and tussled with a slew of failed start ups before turning to what he calls "adventure content marketing."

After defeating half a million or so other competitors in the 'Outback Adventurer' division of the Best Jobs In The World competition (a campaign by Tourism Australia) Dixon now spends his days living his best life — and getting truly inspiring selfies with animals.

Check out the amazing photos below:

Allan Dixon's amazing wildlife photos
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Allan Dixon's amazing wildlife photos
I'm back in Australia catching up with some old friends 😂 Super exciting adventures ahead! #DaxonsAnimalSelfies
Super Seagull Sunday Selfie! 🕊The seagulls get a little bit jealous when you try feed the ducks. @goproanz #DaxonsAnimalSelfies
Show the world your true colours. 🌈🌏 Keas, an alpine parrot that loves the mountains. Crazy cool birds! @goproanz #goproanz #DaxonsAnimalSelfies
🎵"It's the eye of the emu, It's the thrill of the fight, Rising up to the challenge of our rival" @goproanz #DaxonsAnimalSelfies #goproanz
Possums have a tough life. They're native to Australia and help get rid of unwanted pests. But because they sometimes live in people's roofs and eat anything they can find, they become pests. In turth, I think they're just really smart at finding lots free stuff. Like sleeping on a friends couch and eating fruit from trees. The free living possum. @currumbinsanctuary #DaxonsAnimalSelfies
Its #HappyQuokkaMonday! I wished to have announced our Kickstarter campaign this week, But unfortunately have fallen sick after eating something wrong, so I've been stuck in bed all day sleeping. Regardless, your mindset dictates your recovery and I'm keeping positive thoughts. So I'm 100% on launching this asap. Watch this space. #DaxonsAnimalSelfies
Unicorns on their day off 🦄 @rotoruanz's got alpacas and they are hilariously awesome. #DaxonsAnimalSelfies
Hands up if you're afraid of snakes? 🙋🐍🐍 Not me ... 😲😲😵 Diamond Python at @clelandwildlifepark which everyone can scream as they cuddle it. #alive #snakes #DaxonsAnimalSelfies
Kanga is here to tell everyone that we published a new talking kangaroo 360 video on YouTube. 😁🐾 🎥 For a hopping good time click on over. It's a 360 video meaning you can move the phone or drag around to look anywhere in the video. You're surrounded by kangaroos!! Click the YouTube link in my bio. #360video #DaxonsAnimalSelfies
Meet the proudest Indonesian goat in the world, with the longest ears in the world. 🐐😏 Currently traveling through Indonesia for the week. Can you recommend some amazing spots to check out? #WonderfulIndonesia #DaxonsAnimalSelfies #VITOmelb
Give me your best RAWR!! 🐻🐯 I thought I'd post an alternative photo of that amazing quokka because he's too adorable. If you love these critters, a lot more shots will be over at @quokkahub for their own special gallery. Keep being awesome! #quokka #selfie #DaxonsAnimalSelfies
Close your eyes, and go in for a kiss. 😘 I was slightly scared about the whole thing #ducks #animals #selfie #kiss
Timing is everything, and this #selfie is kinda ridiculous. The seagull whacked me the head just as I took the photo. Face of fear. #me #guy #seagull #cockatoo #birds #animals #funny #timing #Australia #face

Quokka die-hards may remember that Allan Dixon (the very same!) is responsible for The Quokka Book. And adorable concept that sadly, didn't reach it's kickstarter goal.

We dare say a book of animals selfies would do even better.

Dixon recently announced that he's about to up the volume of videos and jealousy-inspiring photos he publishes. Petition to get him focussing solely on animal selfies by 2017? We vote yes.

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