This will be the 'it' Halloween party this year

By: TC Newman, Buzz60

Combine the best parts of Halloween, dressing up and parties, for a fright night that's one of a kind. Check out these party theme ideas to help get yourself in the right mindset.

Celebrate a time-honored Halloween tradition, scary movie marathons, by throwing a Frightening Flicks party, Have your guests dress as characters from their favorite horror films.

How about a little time travel? Pull out your poodle skirts and flapper dresses for a Through the Years party. Guests can wear costumes from their favorite era.The sweet treats of Halloween lead to the kind of cavities dentists dream of. Pay homage to the sugary snacks with a Candy party and dress up like your favorite sweet, or even Willy Wonka himself.

Related: Halloween candy by the numbers:

Halloween candy, by the (calorie-filled) numbers
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Halloween candy, by the (calorie-filled) numbers

Kit Kat

210 calories per package

Photo: Joshua Lott / Reuters

Almond Joy

220 calories per piece

Photo: The Washington Post via Getty Images


220 calories per piece

Photo: Scott Olson via Getty Images


250 calories per piece

Photo: Cassandra Hubbart, AOL


Classic fairy tales aren't as wholesome as Disney would like us to think. Host a Brothers Grimm party to honor what really happened to your favorite fairy tale characters. The average American watches five hours of television per day, so we're bound to have a favorite show or character. Have a Couch Potato party and encourage guests to dress like their favorite TV characters.

Choose a unique theme and your guests will no doubt thank you for helping them come up with an awesome costume!

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