There's a serious reason you should never, ever swing a small child by the arms

It's highly likely that at some point during your childhood, someone larger than you -- a parent, guardian, relative -- picked you up by the arms and spun you in a circle.

Boy (3-5) being swung by arms
Like so.

If you have children of your own, perhaps you've even played this game with them before.

But no matter how harmless swinging a child by his or her arms may seem, you should refrain from the act at all costs.

Joints and ligaments are still loose for developing babies and young children, which makes it easy for the elbow to slip out of place, according to WebMD.

This can result in a condition called Nursemaid's Elbow, or Toddler's Elbow, and it can be quite painful for your little one.

Although the condition can occur during routine activities -- like when a child's arms are being pulled through sleeves while getting dressed -- obviously games that involve swinging him or her by the arms are even riskier and should be avoided.

Luckily, Nursemaid's Elbow is easily treatable.

Oftentimes, a doctor will use a method called a 'reduction maneuver' to put the elbow back into the correct position.

According to WebMD, the treatment involves a doctor holding the child's wrist and elbow, "then carefully moving the arm in a specific way until the elbow pops back into place. You may hear a "click" when this happens."

After the injury is treated, symptoms should go away quickly -- but be wary, because if it has happened to your child once, he or she will forever be more prone to it happening again.

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