What it's like to live with PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, occurs when you have been through a trauma. It's pretty common.

Seven or 8 out of every 100 people (or 7-8% of the population) will experience PTSD at some point during life.

PTSD is especially common in the military, but it can happen to anyone. People who suffer from the condition opened up anonymously about what it's like.

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1. It makes it hard to leave the house:

I have PTSD attacks everyday. It has gotten to the point that I can't leave my house without being triggered.

2. Treatment can vary based on your gender:

I was told my PTSD was less serious than my boyfriend's because I'm a woman.

3. It makes it nearly impossible to sleep:

I have PTSD and have nightmares every night so I avoid sleeping as much as possible.

4. Some people have really amazing breakthroughs:

I suffer panic attacks because of ptsd due to being abused in the past. My boyfriend goes to therapy sessions with me to learn coping skills for when I panic. I finally feel like I can be safe.

5. It's not easy to open up:

I Have PTSD, and sometimes I just want to break down and tell someone what happened to me, but no one ever knows what to say. So I hold it in, and it's eating away at me.

6. It can leave you isolated:

I have PTSD and because of the pain it causes I don't want to hurt the ones I love, so I isolate myself to protect them.

7. It happens outside the military:

I have PTSD and when people find out they asked where I served. When I tell them I wasn't in the military they dismiss it like I'm lying.

8. Sometimes, you still feel strong:

I have PTSD that a doctor has diagnosed me with. I will beat this. I am better than this illness. You can do it too. I promise.

9. It can interfere with intimacy:

I have PTSD from sexual assault trauma and I'm worried that because of it I won't ever be able to have a normal relationship.

10. It makes everything more difficult:

My trust issues make everything so hard And I wish I could just forget my past but my PTSD makes it impossible

11. Making friends is hard:

Having PTSD is hard because its like I want to reach out to people and do things but I just can't because I'm scared

12. Service dogs help:

I have PTSD as a result of two years of domestic abuse. Today I got my service dog. I can already feel a difference in my anxiety.

13. It can feel like you have two personalities:

People get offended and say that don't know which me they're going to get. I have PTSD... I don't know what me you will get either.

14. It can render you helpless:

Having PTSD makes me feel embarrassed. Weak. Misunderstood.

15. It makes interacting with others difficult:

I have PTSD and coworker triggered a memory. I snapped on him out of reaction. Now he thinks I'm crazy.

16. Memories can be ruined:

I have PTSD. I am literally scared of my own memories. Hell exists. It's right here in my head.

17. It can come because of unexpected reasons:

I have ptsd and I didn't do anything like be in a war...I feel like I don't "deserve" to have this
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