These Halloween costumes based on your horoscope are spookily accurate

No matter what your Astrological sign is, everyone can get into the Halloween spirit. But how each sign interprets the day can vary more than Scream the movie to Scream: the TV Series.

Unless you live for trick or treating on October 31st, it's likely you haven't even started thinking about what you'll wear on the big night — which is where your trusty horoscope can actually come in handy.

After carefully dissecting each sign (and, of course, compiling the very best costumes of the year), we've found the perfect Halloween ensemble for every single sign. It's finally time to stop stressing about what you'll wear this All Hallow's Eve — it's written in the stars.

Scroll through to find out what your horoscope should be:

What to wear this Halloween based on your horoscope
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What to wear this Halloween based on your horoscope


Aquarius is one of the zodiac’s most confusing signs, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You’re one of those people who can have a little fun with your Halloween look without having a specific costume in mind — making the punk queen perfect for you.

Jake Heather Faux Fur Tiger Coat, $


As a Capricorn, you’re all about practicality. Pick an equally practical ensemble, like this one-piece Tina from Bob’s Burgers. It’s easy, straight to the point, and, ahem, one of the funniest characters ever.

Bob’s Burgers Tina Girls’ Costume, $


Emotional and mysterious are two of Pisces most noted traits. Sound like anyone you may have seen on Netflix this year? Eleven fromStranger Things is the costume for you.

Melon hopper Eleven Dress, $


As a Sagittarius, you have a natural way with animals, so it’s likely your past Halloween looks have included a dog or cat (or two). Spice things up this time around by trying a Pikachu instead.

Pokemon Pikachu Union Suit, $


Leos love to be the center of attention, which reminds us of a certain Scream Queens star. An added bonus to this costume? You can wear it IRL before and after the eve of the 31st.

Jakke Tammy Star Faux Fur Coat, $


Since Libras are all about equilibrium, your Halloween look should be equally scary and sweet. With tattered tights and a pretty color scheme, this shattered doll look fits the bill just right.

Shattered Doll Costume, $39.99.



You know you love the good life, Taurus, from shopping to indulging in movies. Pick a film you loved this year and buy something you can wear even after the 31st. This retro-inspired jacket, for example, would make a great Janet from The Conjuring 2.

Zara Coat with Embroidered Yoke, $199.


As a Gemini, you’re a natural jokester — and known for being one of the smartest signs in the zodiac. So, this punky paper doll ensemble is your Halloween go-to.

Pretty Paper Doll Costume, $55.


As it's officially #ScorpioSeason, this is your time, Scorpio. Pile on your favorite faux fur, vintage band tee, leather pants, and live your best rockstar life.

Nasty Gal Collection What the Faux Fur Coat, $178,


Aries are all about competition, so losing the costume contest is not an option this year. This Freddy Kruger get-up will certainly steal the show at any Halloween costume party you attend.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Miss Krueger Costume, $51.92.


Cancers are known for being private and, let’s face it, a little bit moody. If you’ve ever felt like you truly belonged in the Addams family, now’s your chance to let your inner Wednesday shine.

Black & White Collar Velvet Dress, $


Virgos are known for being crafty and self-sufficient, so why not show it off by going all outthis Halloween? Decked out in head-to-toe David Bowie gear, you’ll be the hit of the party — and, of course, the ‘gram.

J Valentine X Dolls Kill Ziggy Stardust Costume, $120.


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