Nine-week-old's full head of hair is shocking the Internet

We're used to seeing bald babies, so this one is turning heads.

Chelsea Noon's son, nicknamed "Baby Bear," has an incredible head of hair. Baby Bear's name is Junior, and has been causing Noon get questions from passersby.

The 32-year-old mother of three says that she constantly gets stopped. "Usually it takes me about 40 minutes to do my weekly shop in Asda and now it takes me two hours," she told The Mirror.

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Junior was born in July, and shocked doctors when they saw his hair. According to Noon, they have never seen such a sight.

Despite Junior being only 9-weeks-old, his family can already see his personality. "He's got a little smirk he puts on he gives a little cry when he wants to be picked up," Noon said, "and then you pick him up and he gives you a look as if to say: 'Yes, I got my own way.'"

See a video of Baby Bear getting his hair dried:

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