There's one thing you probably never noticed about your beauty products

By Buzz60

We all know there is no greater feeling in the world that walking out those beauty store doors and rushing home to try on all your new beauty product goodies!

However, before you start applying the 50 products you bought all at once, there is something you're probably not doing.

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Read the label! On the back of the product you'll see a symbol. A little jar and then the number of months the product should be used for, starting from the day you first open the product.

If you can't find it on the product itself, it's probably on the disposable box it came in. So keep an eye for it.

This way you'll know when its time to throw away that clunky mascara that's just a vicious cycle of bacteria from the brush to the tube to your eye, yuck!

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Same with that sunscreen that's been sitting on your bathroom cabinet for ages. It doesn't work anymore, throw it out!

Think of your beauty projects like you do the food in your refrigerator -- they have an expiration date, and when it's past, don't use them.

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