Food bloggers dish on their signature fall recipes

The first ever Food Awards will highlight some of the best fall kitchen essentials on the market. Whether it's a slow cooker, cookbook, cast iron skillet, or a quirky kitchen gadget, we will help you decide which products are worth your money.

Although we would love to try out every new product ourselves, we've asked some of our Lifestyle Collective bloggers to step in and help us out! They will be reviewing almost 100 great products and sharing their favorites.

Before we roll out the product nominees over the next couple of weeks, meet the bloggers who will be giving us the lowdown on which products really shine in the kitchen, and get to know them by checking out their signature dishes for fall. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and geographical locations, they've all got one thing in common: a passion for food!

Check out each of our judges' signature fall recipes in the slideshow below!

Signature fall dishes from the Food Awards judges
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Signature fall dishes from the Food Awards judges

Nutrition By Mia

Signature Dish: Stuffed Acorn Squash

Mia is a San Francisco Bay Area native and former New York City dweller currently residing in charming Charleston, South Carolina. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Mia founded 'Nutrition By Mia' as a resource for simple, healthy recipes, nutrition tips and entertaining ideas for every occasion. 

Read more at Nutrition By Mia

Mom Foodie

Signature Dish: Candy Corn Bundt Cake

Robin is a busy single mom, a food geek and avid DIYer. The majority of the recipes found on her site, are her own creation, though she does occasionally adapt recipes from other sources and tweak them to suit her preferences. The emphasis of her recipe catalog is healthy dishes, but she does go astray regularly. Robin also has contributors that help fill in with some fun recipes.

Read more at Mom Foodie

The Wanderlust Kitchen

Signature Dish: Tuscan Bean Soup

Anetta is a food blogger, sci-fi nerd, and travel junkie. She likes to cook and share internationally-inspired meals. You can have confidence that these recipes are tried-and-true, so go ahead and be brave. Make something different!

Read more at The Wanderlust Kitchen

Olivia's Cuisine

Signature Dish: Roasted Turkey with Herb Butter

Olivia is here to help you discover the best of the best from around the world! Easy,(sometimes) exotic recipes to get you excited about your next meal or dinner party.

Read more at Olivia's Cuisine

¡Hola! Jalapeño

Signature Dish: Sweet Potato Nachos with Smoked Cheddar and Black Beans 

Kate Ramos is the recipe developer, food stylist, writer, and photographer behind ¡Hola! Jalapeño, a Latin-inspired food blog. Her recipes merge authentic Latin ingredients and flavors with modern preparations; embracing the fresh, healthy, simple cooking that is at the root of traditional Latin cuisine.

Read more at ¡Hola! Jalapeño

Lemons and Basil

Signature Dish: Delicata Squash & Barley Kale Salad

After working High-End Residential Design for several years, Kaylee is now a stay-at-home mom to her sweet baby boy. Lemons and Basil is where she shares the recipes she creates for her family, focusing on whole foods and organic produce. 

Read more at Lemons and Basil

Sweet and Savory

Signature Dish: Warm Quinoa and Brussel Sprouts Salad

Born and raised in Mongolia, Shinee now lives in rural North Dakota with her rancher husband and their newborn son. Living in the country and not having access to many restaurants and bakeries led her to cooking and experimenting in her own kitchen. Now Shinee shares her delicious recipes on her blog, Sweet & Savory by Shinee, where she’s committed to making made-from-scratch gourmet easy and approachable.

Read more at Sweet and Savory

The Little Foxes

Signature Dish: Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash

Eco-lifestyle expert, TV personality, and brad strategist with a penchant for showing folks how polished and fun a sustainable, stylish, cruelty-free life can be. Whether it's fashion, beauty, home, or food, if it's animal-, people-, planet- friendly, Ashlee's got the 411. Lover of red lipstick, infomercials, Morrissey, and vintage finds.

Read more at The Little Foxes

Oh Bite It

Signature Dish: Cinnamon Roll Stuffed Pears

Amy loves to create fun & unique recipes! She is not a trained Chef and doesn't take food too seriously..Amy just finds it fun to keep things interesting in the kitchen!

Read more at Oh Bite It

Donuts, Dresses, and Dirt

Signature Dish: Pumpkin Spice Latte Truffles

Lifestyle writer & expert mom of 3. Sheri is looking to inspire the confidence to live a well-tended life - at any age!

Read more at The Little Foxes

Kitchen Living With Coryanne

Signature Dish: Egyptian Koshari

Coryanne is a Food and Lifestyle expert who believes that every kitchen tells a story where taste creates the memory, mischief makes the moment and merriment feeds the soul. Featured in Traditional Home, More Magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens, Coryanne shares her passion for kitchen living with TV and Video audiences across the US.

Read more at Kitchen Living With Coryanne

Delicious Obsessions

Signature Dish: Deep Dish Apple Pie with Fennel and Ginger

Jessica is a wellness educator and the founder of the Delicious Obsessions website, which started in 2010 and has grown into a trusted resource with a vibrant community learning to live healthy, happy lives through real food and natural living.

Read more at Delicious Obsessions

Souffle Bombay

Signature Dish: Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin

Blogger, freelance recipe developer and mom to two budding home cooks, Colleen Kennedy is on a mission to show people that making memorable food and drink doesn't have to be difficult. She also advocates getting kids in the kitchen early and often.

Read more at Souffle Bombay

Cooking and Beer

Signature Dish: Chai Spiced Pear Coffee Cake

Over at Cooking and Beer, Justine is combining bold and inspirational cooking (and baking) with craft beer, while frolicking around Wyoming, climbing mountains and skiing down them!

Read more at Cooking and Beer

This Silly Girls Kitchen

Signature Dish: Caramel Apple Cheesecake Filled Butter Cake

Chef turned blogger, Dana offers up daily recipes featuring tips and tricks from the restaurant industry. She loves to make the most timid home cook confident in the kitchen with step by step picture and video tutorials of delicious dishes. She resides in Florida with her Hubby, Jeremy and their fur babies.

Read more at This Silly Girls Kitchen

JJ Begonia

Signature Dish: Stuffed Pumpkin

JJ Begonia is a silly nickname that Carlynn's equally silly Dad gave her when she was a little girl. Needless to say, it stuck. Carlynn started this blog to chronicle all of the things she loves, and the things that inspire her, in one place.

Read more at JJ Begonia

The Usual Bliss

Signature Dish: Honey Maple Coconut Granola

Amber lives, writes, and cooks in Park City, Utah with her mountain man husband, a big, happy, baby and a crooked-eared dog. She authors a lifestyle blog where she shares her day-to-day adventures, love for travel, joyful moments, the madness of life with an infant, and ever-growing passion for cooking.

Read more at The Usual Bliss

With Salt and Wit

Signature Dish: Caramel Apple Crisp

Meg is just a girl living on the edge of boredom and chaos with a salty wit and healthy sweet tooth. With Salt and Wit is a blog devoted to uncomplicated cooking. You will find seasonal recipes that are easy to prepare, use minimal ingredients, and are anything but plain jane. 

Read more at With Salt and Wit

Life With The Crust Cut Off

Signature Dish: Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake

Mom, wife to the milkman, cook, baker, party planner, blogger, book obsessed, nap deprived kid wrangler sharing her easy recipes for the whole family with a dash of parenting thrown in.

Read more at Life With The Crust Cut Off

Public Lives, Secret Recipes

Signature Dish: Caramel Apple Granola Bars

Chicago based lifestyle web publication Public Lives, Secret Recipes features recipes from founder, Caitlin Lee, as well as individuals in the public eye who share a secret recipes with it's readers. Shop Cait's Crispops:

Read more at Public Lives, Secret Recipes

Fix Feast Flair

Signature Dish: Pumpkin Spice Japanese Cheesecake

Fix Feast Flair is a cooking lifestyle blog based in Los Angeles sharing stories about coming together around the table, be it cooking, baking, dining, or nerding out on provisions.

Read more at Fix Feast Flair

Namely Marly

Signature Dish: Vegan Beef Stroganoff

Founder and Creative Director, Marly is a former consultant, executive director and COO turned entrepreneur! She's passionate about living a high energy life and earned a certificate in Plant-based Cooking/Health to hone her skills in developing and sharing vegan recipes. She's also the director of the Chopped Conference and the host of two podcasts. The Namely Marly Podcast & the Chopped Podcast.

Read more at Namely Marly

The Magical Slow Cooker

Signature Dish: Cinnamon Sugar Butternut Squash

Sarah is a new stay at home mom who loves her crock pot! She's a lover of coffee, cats, and croissants! 

Read more at The Magical Slow Cooker

The Skinny Fork

Signature Dish: Healthified Pumpkin Curry Ramen

Amanda is a graphic designer, author, photographer, self-proclaimed foodie, and creator of! She loves to take traditional recipes and shake them down into a skinny dish that she can proudly serve to friends, family, and love one's without feeling guilty about the contents of what she's dishing out.

Read more at The Skinny Fork

Dinner Reinvented

Signature Dish: Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Dinner Reinvented is where busy families go to find easy, healthful and delicious meals for weeknight dinner. We often have leftovers in the fridge, or a hodgepodge of food that doesn't seem to go together. Dinner Reinvented shows unique ways to 'reinvent' your dinner routine, recreating leftovers or pantry basics into a yummy meal.

Read more at Dinner Reinvented


Check out the Fall Food Awards page over the next few weeks for product reviews and rankings!

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