Valentine's Day weddings more likely to end in divorce

Valentine's Day sounds like the perfect day to show your love and commit yourself to another person, but not if you want your marriage to last!

A new study from the economists at the University of Melbourne finds that special dates for weddings are not your lucky numbers!

Holidays like Valentine's Day or special number days like September 9th, 1999 - 9/9/99, or January 2nd, 2003 - 1/2/03, are more likely to end in divorce.

Tracking the progress on 1 million couples, the study found by their 5th anniversary, 11 percent of Valentine's Day marriages and 10% of same number dates had divorced, as opposed to 8% or ordinary date marriages.

Fast forward to 9 years after the wedding, and 21% of Valentines Day marriages and 19% of special number marriages had called it quits.

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People who choose special number wedding dates are more likely to have been divorced before and to already have children. The author of the study also found that Valentine's Day brides were more likely to be pregnant on their wedding day than those who married on ordinary dates.

The study states the choice of date isn't the problem in these marriages, but what choosing those days says about the couples. It's possible that the planning of the wedding on this "special" day gets ahead of preparing for the marriage that happens after the big day.

If the relationship is right, then there's nothing wrong with getting married on a plain old Tuesday.

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