5 reasons why it's better to be short

Studies have shown that tall people have an edge in a number of personal and professional situations, but individuals of a more diminutive stature enjoy some perks as well.

Here are 5 surprising advantages to being short:

Number 5. Lower odds of developing a life-threatening blood clot.

A 2011 study showed that men who stand at 5 foot 8 inches or less and women who are no taller that 5 foot 3 inches were up to five times less likely to experience deep vein thrombosis.

Number 4. Hastened simultaneity.

According to neuroscientist David Eagleman, short people may take in the world at a quicker pace than their taller counterparts. As the brain waits for all sensory information before developing a full experiential impression, people who tower above most others may be on a bit of a delay due to the extra travel time required of the various cues.

Number 3. Lower cancer risk.

Scientists in Sweden found a relationship between height and cancer. Among women, the chances of developing the disease increased by 18% for every additional 4 inches in stature. Among men, that same measure accounted for a 11% risk increase.

Number 2. Longevity.

Numerous studies have shown that short people live longer. Over time, researchers have identified some of the reasons as better resistance to diseases, a lower likelihood of suffering a variety of illnesses, and even the existence of a rare, protective gene.

Number 1. Looking younger.

Let's face it, America is youth-obsessed, and that is particularly evident in Hollywood, where actors can age out of certain sorts of roles very quickly. That tends to be less true of the silver screen's shorter players, who, historically, have had better luck getting cast as teens long after their own have passed.

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