6th grader shamed by teacher for wearing jean skirt to class

Even though Reese Franyo's skirt follows her school's dress code, she is still getting shamed for it.

The 12-year-old was pulled into the hallway by a teacher, who told her in front of her peers that the skirt looked more like it was for "clubbing."

The girl's mother, Suzie Webster, posted on Facebook about the ordeal:

"I found out that Reese was called out in the hallway surrounded by other kids and told to go to the office because her skirt was too short and needed to be replaced," Webster wrote.

"Also, the teacher told her she looked like she should 'be clubbing.' What? I don't know too many women who wear a boxy T-shirt and an A-line preppy denim skirt to go clubbing."

Webster said in her post that it was inappropriate for the child to be humiliated in front of other students.

She said that there is certainly a more tactful way to have a conversation about violating dress code.

The mother met her daughter at school with a change of clothes, but the ordeal did not end there.

Reese was forced to stand in front of the principal, a man named Ryan Cumback, to have her mother measure the length between her knee and the end of the skirt.

The school's dress code rule states that skirts should be no more than 5 inches above the knee.

Reese's skirt was exactly that.

The principal told Reese she could keep wearing the skirt, but at this point she was too embarrassed and asked to change into the pants her mother brought her.

The story doesn't end there, either. While Reese was changing, the principal explained that it's important to monitor what girls are wearing more than boys.

He told the 12 year old's mother that guys can get distracted.

"So my daughter was embarrassed, humiliated in front of her peers and made to feel like a bad girl because boys can't control their dirty thoughts," Webster wrote.

In a statement released to Today, a spokesperson for the Charleston County School District said that Cumback "addressed and corrected" the teacher who humiliated Reese.

"In no way do we want any student to feel it's their fault in how someone views them when it comes to what they wear," the school district told Today.

"However, in this situation, we do not feel Principal Cumback intentionally set out to embarrass the student. He never told her, nor her parent, she could not wear the skirt. He did ask the student to be cognizant of the skirt going above the 5-inch line when walking and sitting."

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