You may want to wait to get your flu shot

By Patrick Jones, Buzz60

As winter approaches, so does flu season.

If you're one of the early birds who wants to jump out there and get your flu shot out of the way, you may want to hold your horses.

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According to the CEO of Merchant Medicine whose job it is to track the walk-in clinic industry, it's not clear how long the vaccine's effects will last, particularly in the elderly.

PHOTOS: How the flu vaccine is made

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The reason why you start to see reminders in August and September about getting your flu shot is the same reason you start seeing Christmas stuff in stores in October -- marketing!

If you are wondering when the best time to get it really is, the answer is late October and early November.

That's when experts say it will be the most protective, because the normal flu season spans from November into February.

Of course, an early flu shot is better than no flu shot, so if you find yourself at the doctor sometime soon, don't feel bad about getting it over with.