Why you should never post a picture of your boarding pass

By: TC Newman, Buzz60

Post a picture of the airport, and you're racking up the likes. Friends ask where you're going, and it makes you want to post a pic of the boarding pass that proves you're on your way to a dream destination.

Not so fast!

Before you let the world know where you're going, think of all of the vital information you're handing out! A boarding pass, and the barcode that comes on them, contains personal info that can be used to ruin your vacay, or worse, steal your identity.

A boarding pass, whether printed or an e-ticket, has your full name, flight and ticket numbers, where you're sitting, and even how many bags you've checked in. All an unscrupulous person would have to do is enter that info online and click "Manage My Booking." There, they would have access to your entire itinerary, frequent flyer details, and even the last digits of the credit card used to purchase the flight.

Wedding during flight to Seattle
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Wedding during flight to Seattle
(Photo credit: KCPQ)
(Photo credit: KCPQ)
(Photo credit: KCPQ)

A jokester could go online and cancel your flight or wreak havoc on your reservations, while a true criminal could use those details to steal your identity.Even showing the barcode can be dangerous, because anyone with access to a machine that can read them - as many smartphones do - can find out more than they deserve to know about you.

No matter how jealous your friends will be of your awesome vacation, there are some things you just shouldn't share online.

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