How to rock an off the shoulder top during the fall

You know when you see the perfect piece and you just have to have it? That's how I felt when I saw this off shoulder top for the first time at Nordstrom and how a few of you told you felt seeing it on me. I posted a photo of me wearing this on my Facebook page a week ago and I immediately got 6 messages asking for a link. Duh, I should have been prepared. It's absolutely perfect! I'm not a fan of the bubble top off shoulder style and so this one really nailed it with the lace detail. I swear I spent a half hour deciding in between the mustard yellow and dark red (probably should have gotten both!)


P.S. In case you are looking and are in between sizes, I recommend sizing down. I read that the elastic at the top can get looser if you size up and the XS fit me perfectly!

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