$5 rainbow makeup sells out in record time

By TC Newman, Buzz60

Rainbows are beautiful in the sky, but would you want one on your face? Apparently millions of people do.

The rainbow highlighter trend started in spring 2016 with a company called Bitter Lace Beauty. Their handmade $22 highlighter, called Prism, set the internet on fire and had people running to the home-based Etsy store.

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Because Bitter Lace Beauty is a small hand-crafted operation, the company sold out quickly, leaving people to scour eBay for the product, with some items going for over $1,000, or waiting for the next batch.

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Had to try it to make sure it wasn't poisoned. Don't tell anyone.🙊😁@thestashplan 😘
the magic rocks are disappearing my sad
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Discount cosmetics brand Wet-n-Wild jumped on the trend with its new Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter, appropriately named Unicorn Glow. Priced at only $4.99, the corporate copy of Prism is an affordable splash of color.

Even the big business planners at Wet-n-Wild couldn't have predicted that the rainbow highlighter would dash off of their shelves at record speed.

If you are one of the lucky ones who snagged some Unicorn Glow, pat yourself on the back for being lightning fast. Otherwise, some industrious souls who bought more than their fair share at $5 are already selling them online for $19.

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