Man searching for woman after having an incredible run-in

STRASBURG, Va. (WJW) -- It was a meeting that didn't last long, but Jason Wright can't stop thinking about it.

The Virginia man is searching for a woman from Cleveland who walked into a 7-Eleven in Strasburg, looking for someone to tell her how to get back to Ohio.

He wanted to help.

Wright, who is a bestselling author, wrote about his experience on Facebook.

"I approached, offered to help, and I confess her personality had me laughing long after we said goodbye."

Wright said the woman told him she was from somewhere near Cleveland and was heading back from a solo trip to see a concert in North Carolina. She was lost and didn't have a GPS.

So, Wright helped her the old-fashioned way: He wrote down directions on a piece of paper.

As he was giving her directions, the two chatted for a bit about Cleveland; they even talked about LeBron. They also each took a selfie.

Then, the woman followed him in her car as he led her through the first few steps of the directions. She thanked him profusely.

But, the one thing Wright regrets: He never got the woman's name, and he wants to make sure she arrived home okay.

Wright wrote about why the moment meant so much to him.

"I think my friend reminded me that in a divided world where stories of racism and hate get all the headlines, it's still possible for strangers with different skin color and backgrounds to forge friendships and build trust.

In fact, what happened to us isn't newsworthy at all, is it? It takes place every single day in this country.

But those stories of love aren't nearly as interesting as hate, protests and riots, are they?

Consider this — every day in America there are many more instances of building relationships than burning neighborhoods, but you'd never believe that by the headlines.

What a shame.

Obviously I don't know if the Woman from Cleveland will ever see this message. I can only hope.

But if she does, I'd want her to know that I'm sorry for not getting her name.

Of course, I'd also want to say "thank you" for asking for help, for accepting it, and for blessing me with a much needed reminder.

In the meantime, if you happen to see the woman from Cleveland somewhere, will you please tell her that her friend Jason from Virginia said hello?

Also, if you could, please mention that he hopes she made it home safely.

Maybe add that he said a little prayer for her.

But most importantly, please tell her it was an honor."

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