Hairdressers forced a woman to stay when she forgot her wallet at home

Accidents happen, and sometimes we forget important items. Leaving your wallet at home can ruin an outing, but it became one woman's nightmare.

Australian resident Kerrie Davies went to the salon, called Blondes and Brunettes, to get a hair blowout. It cost $30, but she discovered at the counter that she forgot her wallet. She had $15 on her in cash, but could not come up with the rest.

Not only would they not let her transfer money from her phone, they would not let her leave. She wrote about the ordeal on Facebook. Buzzfeed Australia posted screenshots of the now-private post:

Source: Kerrie Davies, Buzzfeed AUS

Davies was mortified: "everyone is looking at me so I'm in tears," she said. Thankfully, a security guard realized how stubborn the salon manager was being, and gave him $15 to pay for the blowout.

Davies' post quickly went viral, garnering thousands of shares. Blondes and Brunettes received backlash for the ordeal -- so much so that they sent flowers to Davies to apologize. She took to Facebook again:

"Look what just got delivered to my door from Blondes & Brunettes," she said. While the salon mistreated Davies, they recognized the error and apologized.

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You've been cutting your hair all wrong
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You've been cutting your hair all wrong

1) Straight and Fine

If, like supermodel Karlie Kloss, you’ve got this type of hair, Roszak recommends soft, blunt layers with a length ranging from just below the shoulders to a long bob: “The goal is to have layers that just add movement, keeping as much thickness as possible.”

Style Tip: Set your style with a lightweight, strong-hold hairspray to add volume while maintaining softness and movement.

2) Straight and Thick

Take a cue from hair goddess Blake Lively and ask your stylist for long, blended layers. Roszak’s POV: “Face-framing layers a few inches below the chin gives the hair a nice shape and is extremely low-maintenance.”

Style Tip: Try using a volumizing foam before blow-drying and volumizing hairspray as a texturizer for great volume and hold. 

3) Wavy and Fine

Follow Naomi Watts' lead and consider going for a short hairstyle -- like an any-length bob. Shorter lengths will make it easier to enhance your natural wavy texture with products and layers. Roszak also recommends giving bangs a go, saying, “The natural wave gives the hair the movement bangs need to look natural and not heavy.”

Style Tip: A sea-salt spray will enhance the natural bends without making your hair feel dry or weighed down. 

4) Wavy and Thick

Layers are a must if your thick strands have a naturally wavy texture like Freida Pinto's -- the layers should be blended but can be shorter, about chin length all around. "Having shorter pieces around the face [highlights] the cheekbones and opens up the face, and the layers help lift and lighten [the weight of the hair] while enhancing the natural waves,” Roszak explains.

Style Tip: Because this texture can be a bit dry, Roszak recommends using a leave-in oil treatment on damp hair -- focusing on the mid-lengths and ends -- and adding a tiny bit more to dry hair to add shine, define waves and eliminate frizz.

5) Curly and Fine

Susan Sarandon is the perfect muse for women with this hair texture. Says Roszak, “Curly, fine hair is great [when it’s] cut above the shoulders with short layers to accentuate the curls and bring volume and life to the hair.” 

Style Tip: For hair care, curl-enhancing shampoo and conditioner will help define curls and smooth out texture. For styling, lightweight mousse is key for curl definition and volume. 

6) Curly and Thick

The biggest no-no for girls with thick, curly strands like Zoe Saldana is going too short. Hair tends to bounce up by a couple of inches after every trim, so Roszak suggests erring on the side of [longer] caution.

Style Tip: As with thick, wavy strands, curly hair will need additional nutrients to maintain shine. A nourishing hair mask, specifically formulated for curly hair, will help you lock in some much-needed moisture. 


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