Disabled woman shames businessmen for refusing to give up seats

Cat Lee suffers from crippling pain resulting from nerve damage she got during surgery, so any chance she can get to sit down is very helpful.

According to Daily Mail, she said she was forced to stand on a Virgin East Coast train for more than an hour after two businessmen refused to move from her reserved seats yesterday.

The 43-year-old and her friend snapped photos of the men and posted them on Facebook.

"Meet these gentleman. Travelling from London Kings Cross on the 18:03 to Skipton. Charming fellows took reserved seats from Rach & I," she wrote in her post.

"As a disabled passenger, I stated why I needed my reserve seat. They didn't budge. I'm sure their wives and mothers would be proud of them."

One of the men pictured in the image, who did not wish to be named, contacted MailOnline.

He said Lee said she could not stand, but she did not claim to be disabled and did not appear distressed.

He added that seat reservations were not valid at the time because there was an announcement saying the train was too crowded to honor them.

Virgin East Coast and Lee have been contacted in order to verify the statements, but neither has responded at this time.

A spokeswoman would not comment on the case but said customers are entitled to their reserved seat or they can get a refund.

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Social reactions to disabled woman shaming businessmen
@DailyMailUK Truthfully I'm not surprise. People are getting very cold nowadays. I'm dreading what this country will be like in 10 years.
@DailyMailUK @abbeylinegold Vile & arrogant .
@DailyMailUK Hope they are named and shamed, such thoughtless individuals.
@DailyMailUK @0604Arb1320 Why are you such selfish ***** people?
@DailyMailUK Look rather smug, don't they? I'm sure they felt their needs were more important . Chivalry is dead.😝
@DailyMailUK hope they are named and shamed , and they have to explain to there family 👎👎👎👎👎👎

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