9 simple hairspray hacks for home and beauty

When it comes to my bathroom cabinet, I always seem to have more products than I know what to do with.

Fortunately, quite a few of these items have alternative uses that ensure they'll never go to waste, such as a simple bottle of Listerine (which can be used for everything from fighting foot fungus to cleaning toilets).

Hairspray also happens to be one of those products that I seem to collect without ever really using... that is, until now. Hairspray has a wide variety of surprising uses that make it one of the most versatile items in my bathroom.

Why hairspray?
Céline Haeberly for LittleThings

Scroll through below to see 10 unexpected ways to use hairspray — each idea is more impressive than the last.

10 Simple And Surprising Hairspray Hacks For Home And Beauty
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10 Simple And Surprising Hairspray Hacks For Home And Beauty

Surprising use #1: Removes stains

Ever have a pen explode or get lipstick on your favorite shirt? Hairspray is great at getting rid of ink or lipstick.

Trish Barber, author of Extraordinary Uses For Ordinary Things, writes for Reader’s Digest, “Apply hair spray to the lipstick stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe off the hair spray and the stain should come off with it.”

The same goes for ink that your toddler may have scribbled on some fabric!

Surprising use #2: Preserves flowers

Want your beautiful flowers to last a little while longer? Grab a can of hairspray.

According to Lifehacker.com, “Just as it preserves your hairstyle, hairspray keeps flowers pristine and prevents wilting.”

Simply spray the undersides of the petals, then “hang [the] flowers upside-down to dry before returning to [the] vase.

Surprising use #3: Protects recipes

 “Don’t let the spaghetti sauce on the stove splatter on your favorite recipe card,” writes Trish Barber.

“A good coating of hairspray will prevent the card from being ruined by kitchen eruptions.”

This easy method will preserve your cherished family recipes for years to come!

Surprising use #4: Extends the life of shoe polish

After going through all the work of polishing your shoes, you want it to last as long as humanly possible.

Babble.com suggests, “Spray a light coat onto shoes after polishing to set the color and help it last longer.”

Surprising use #5: Grabs unwanted pet fur

For some reason, pet fur loves to stick to hairspray, making this a great method for de-furring your home!

According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, “Spray hairspray on a dry cloth and wipe down your furniture. The pet hair clings to the hairspray leaving your furniture pet-hair free!”

Surprising use #6: Protects curtains

As weird as it sounds, you’ll probably want to spray on the hairspray next time you get a new set of curtains.

Onecountry.com writes, “If you want to keep your curtains looking new, use hairspray. Spray with several coats, allowing each layer to dry before starting the next.”

Surprising use #7: Dries painted nails

Need your newly painted nails to dry a little faster? Try spraying on some of this extremely versatile product!

According to Bustle.com, “After you’ve painted your nails, use a little hairspray to help them dry faster.

“Use an aerosol version from 6-8 inches away so the polish will set without being disturbed by the spray.”

Surprising use #8: Removes sticky labels

Pesky labels can sometimes be difficult to remove and can leave behind a gross residue.

Babble.com writes, “Hairspray helps remove that sticky residue leftover when you peel off a sticker or label.”

Surprising use #9: Eliminates static

Whether it’s your hair or your clothing, static electricity can be a real pain.

That’s why Onecountry.com recommends that you “spray a light spritz of hairspray to calm it down.”


Who knew that hairspray could be helpful for preserving flowers, removing pet fur from furniture, and drying newly painted nails more quickly?

I definitely plan to put my hairspray to good use after reading this. What other unusual uses have you found for an ordinary can of hairspray?

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