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The passing of Labor Day means a return to busy nights with homework help, cooking, cleaning, chores and one hundred other errands to run during the day. With all of the craziness of the cooler season, it's good to have a little shelter from the storm -- and Chick-fil-A is here to give it to us.

When your days are too busy and your nights are even busier, try using the new Chick-fil-A One app, which was developed to make your life easier. Not only does the app allow you to customize your meal and order ahead of time, but you also get to bypass the line and redeem free food offers. Most importantly, it gives you a minute to relax, which we all know is priceless. We asked bloggers in the Lifestyle Collective to try the app, and they had a lot to say!

Check out the slideshow to see what the bloggers had to say and download the Chick-fil-A One app in the Apple Store and Google Play today!

The Chick-fil-A One app is going to make your life easier
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The Chick-fil-A One app is going to make your life easier
"Chick-fil-A is already a family favorite and definitely a go-to restaurant when we are on-the-go or dinner plans slip my mind. Now with the Chick-fil-A One app, I can order my food from home or anywhere else I might be running around that day. " -- McKenzie, Girl Loves Glam 

"Don't you love it when you find out that something you already need to do can get easier? This is how I felt when I learned that ordering groceries online is possible now. My mind was blown once again when I learned about the new Chick-fil-A One app." -- McKenzieGirl Loves Glam

"I have used the new Chick-fil-A One app on 3 different occasions and at 2 locations, and I can say I am totally sold. I love when brands do things that totally make your experience better, and this app really does. The mobile app has a clean, easy-to-understand design." -- Angela, Handmade in the Heartland 
"It's no secret that life with 3 small children can get overwhelming, busy, and less than picture perfect. It's also no secret that Chick-fil-A is the best fast food around, and as if you needed another reason to eat there, they have made it easier than ever to get dinner done." -- Angela, Handmade in the Heartland
"Everything is so fresh and fabulous from Chick-fil-A that it is our favorite place to stop by when we are too busy to cook or just plain hungry for something delicious! Now that I have two little boys, the time I get to spend in the kitchen has significantly diminished. " -- Parrish, Life with the Crust Cut Off 
"As if Chick-fil-A could be more of a lifesaver, they have now come out with a handy dandy app! The Chick-fil-A One app! Now using my phone, I can easily order and pay in advance, which makes things so much easier when I am beyond busy and one kid is screaming while the other has a project due tomorrow, the cupcakes for the bake sale are due and my husband needs to eat before work." -- Parrish, Life with the Crust Cut Off 

"A few weeks ago, my sisters and I were able to get away overnight for a much needed sister day. We were busy filling our day with laughter and fun purchases that we didn't have time or want to sit down in another restaurant when it came down to eat again. We decided to get some goodies at Chick-fil-A." -- Katie, Made to be a Momma

"You can download the app for both iPhone or Android and it's so simple to use! You start off by creating an account. You then can scroll to the Menu and order whatever you want. It even has a spot where you can customize your order, and it tells you what you should stay away from if you have specific food allergies!" -- Katie, Made to be a Momma

 "While it would be ideal to take a vacation from the busy world of being logged in 24/7, it's not always realistic, so I've been using a couple smartphone apps that help me take care of myself in between work when I'm on the go... and it really has made my life.-- Coco, Millennielle 

"One of the things I used to be most guilty of, and probably one of the biggest factors that throws off my fitness goals, is grabbing unhealthy food and snacks while I'm on the go and not balancing it with healthier meal options.  By pairing use of MyFitnessPal with the Chick-fil-A One app, I've started making more conscious choices by balancing what has become one of my favorite healthy items off their menu, the Market Salad." -- Coco, Millennielle 

"Like many of you, I find the back-to-school season rather hectic. To add to the craziness, as many of you know, my little girl is non-verbal due to autism. This makes popping into a restaurant or drive-thru to get a quick meal while on the run a little more challenging." -- Robin, Mom Foodie

"This is why I am a little extra excited about the Chick-fil-A One mobile app. You see, not only does it provide the convenience of both ordering and paying right off my phone with all the customizations I want, and cutting out the wait (every parent who has had a hungry child meltdown will appreciate that), but she can actually order what she wants on it. -- Robin, Mom Foodie 

"We've started a new adventure this year with a new move and new home. Time goes by so fast and those moments with the kids can't be gotten back again. That's why I was so excited to try out Chick-fil-A's new One app." -- Jennifer, Tatertots and Jello 

"Chick-fil-A One has two main functions that save time. One, it gives users the ability to place an order and pay for it ahead of time, therefore skipping any potentially long lines at their local Chick-fil-A store: and two, it enables the user to earn free food based on a running history of their purchases." --Jennifer, Tatertots and Jello  

"Sometimes, we get so busy, it can be hard to stay on top of the schedules and get everyone where they need to be. On those crazy weeknights, where you are unable to make a home-cooked meal, Chick-fil-A has come up with an easy solution." -- Amy, The Idea Room 

"This app is so specific, you can order your meal right down to the condiments and sides. Simply connect your credit card and pay for your entire order all from the convenience of your car or the soccer field. Then simply drive to your local Chick-fil-A and pick up your order which will be ready and waiting for you to continue on your way." -- Amy, The Idea Room

"Now that the holidays are fast-ly approaching, in food blogger world I am slammed. The last thing I want to do after making and photographing blog posts is to cook a huge meal for dinner. So, the Chick-fil-A One App has been a lifesaver recently." -- Dana, This Silly Girl's Kitchen

"I just love mobile ordering, I am so glad Chick-fil-A jumped on the bandwagon! Plus, on the One app you can find all the nutritional facts, ingredients and allergen info you need, which is perfect for me." -- Dana, This Silly Girl's Kitchen

"We've been road trippin' quite a bit lately with the family and all I've got to say is our kids have it MADE!! First off, how many times have you been on a road trip or even driving around town and the need for a meal hits critical status? We spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to decide where to eat and then trying to make everyone happy in the car. One restaurant that we all love in our family is Chick-fil-A." -- Heather, Whipperberry 

Chick-fil-A has made it even easier with their new Chick-fil-A One app. Check this out.. All you have to do is navigate through the very intuitive menu on the app. Each family member can place their order and customize is just how they would like and BAM, you're done! The next time you're driving around with the family and the hangries hit. Load-up your Chick-fil-A One app and take care of those hungry mouths to feed in record and stress-free time! -- Heather, Whipperberry 


There is a giveaway being held through Chick-fil-A One in September. From Sept. 3 through Sept. 10, all Chick-fil-A One users will be able to claim an offer for a Chick-fil-Abreakfast menu item, which they can then redeem between Sept. 3 and Sept. 30. The only requirement is that customers download the app.

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