Teenagers eat the world's hottest peppers, scares the Internet in viral video


Everyday, there seems to be another food or beauty challenge going viral on the Internet. It almost always ends up in the same way: The social media star usually ends up in pain and tears, while the Internet is cracking up. It's worth it for the views, right?

This wasn't the case for the newest viral challenge. Two teenage girls took to social media to document themselves eating the world's hottest pepper. It wasn't funny. In fact, it was very painful to watch.

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At first you think it's a joke, that they're just being dramatic and putting on a show for their audience.

Not so much. Viewers were generally concerned for the girls, with some lashing out at them for voluntarily enduring such pain.

The Carolina Pepper Challenge is being shared around the world. News stations in India picked up their video, and it's going viral on Instagram and Facebook.

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