Mom's underwear goes viral after neighbor leaves a harsh note

In a little village called Stokeinteignhead in England, there's been quite a stir about some underwear.

Charlotte Wilkinson explained the uproar on Facebook.

She said that her mother had some lacy underwear hanging on a washing line outside.

The real kicker for these knickers is the fact they were on display outside of an elementary school.

According to Wilkinson's post, a neighbor was so angry about it that he ripped the underwear off the line and posted it to their house with a note.

The note, with its spelling corrected, said this:

It is totally inappropriate for this type of garment to be displayed opposite the village primary school.

There are members of this community who would welcome a halting of this.

Wilkinson called the act "unbelievable" and her village "small-minded."

In a grand turn of irony, the whole world has now seen the so-called inappropriate irony, as the post went viral on Facebook.

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