How sanitary is your toothbrush?

If you're not taking proper precautions, you could be brushing your pearly whites with bacteria-filled bristles. How? Every time you brush your teeth, you actually leave bacteria on your toothbrush.

Rather than toss your toothbrush after each use, the best way to secure better dental health and gorgeous white teeth is by purchased a self-sanitizing brush. The Diamond Pro Ultrasonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer is an affordable choice that offers self-sanitizing functionality and so much more!

The Diamond Pro uses ultrasonic technology, meaning it can move at a much faster rate than your own hand or even an alternative electric toothbrush. What does that mean for you? Less plaque, bacteria and stains, and whiter teeth. You can choose between three custom settings, and follow timed intervals that prompt you to brush another area at the ideal moment.

Last but not least, the UV rays work their magic on your toothbrush head to blast away any lurking bacteria once you're done. The sanitizer eliminates 97% of the germs that remain on your toothbrush head. Click here to purchase this amazing set today in the AOL Shop for just $54.98!

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